Best Bassinet Travel System (Updated in 2021)

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10 Best Bassinet Travel System

1. Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet

The dimensions of the unit are twenty four point one by twenty nine point three by forty eight inches and it weighs around twenty three point seven pounds the Graco cents to snooze bassinet features cry detection technology that parents will love it responds to a baby’s cries and soothes the baby back to sleep the innovative technology uses a built in microphone that hears a baby cry and then automatically adjusts the bassinet settings it cycles through the different motion speed vibration and sound options until it finds the right combination of settings to help calm the baby the bassinet has a head to toe soothing motion three different speeds to vibration settings a white noise.

Function ten sleepy songs and ten soothing nature sound all the settings can be adjusted manually to suit the baby’s preference you can save the perfect combination using the parent mode setting so you can easily get them all back with the push of a button the bassinet has breathable mesh sides that promote circulation it has a reversible canopy that can be adjusted to shield baby from light it features dimmable lighting that can be customized using the remote control the sense to snooze bassinet is fitted with storage pockets that provide easy access to baby essentials it has integrated wheels that allow you to maneuver the bassinet without noise the bassinet also comes with a washable mattress for convenience.

2. Delta Children Rocking Bassinet

The dimensions of the unit are thirty five point five by twenty seven point four by forty four point five inches and it weighs around eighteen point eighty-five pounds the Delta Children rocking bassinet is perfect for keeping baby close to you during the early months and it has a sweet and chic design it has many features that provide a peaceful environment such as variable speed vibrations calming sounds music and a nightlight the bassinet has a gentle rocking setting that rocks the baby from side to side when activated there is plenty of room for storage in the large basket fitted under the unit the Delta Children rocking bassinet comes with a one-inch thick mattress and a matching fitted sheet it is recommended for babies between 0 & 5 months the bassinet is JPMA certified and exceeds all safety standards set by the CPSC and ASTM.

3. BABYBJÖRN Cradle Bassinet

The dimensions of the unit are 31 by 23 by 26 inches and it weighs around 13 pounds the baby bjorn cradle is a compact cozy cradle that soothes a baby with a soft rocking motion and is designed for newborns up to six months old it uses a spring suspension system that rocks smoothly in all directions and won’t get stuck in any position the breathable mesh sides allow for plenty of ventilation the cradle is lightweight so you can easily lift it and move it between rooms without damaging the floors it can also be folded for easy transport the baby bjorn cradle fabric is removable and machine washable all fabrics and materials used in the cradle are kind to the baby’s delicate skin and harmless for the baby to taste or chew the bassinet comes with a waterproof mattress cover and a beautiful canopy made from sheer mesh fabric the unit is JPMA certified.

4. Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard

The dimensions of the unit are 40 by 28.5 by 30 3.2 inches and it weighs around 28.3 pounds there Graco pack and play play yard is a multifunctional bassinet that comes with a reversible two-in-one baby seat and changing table that can be fitted to the top of the unit the two-in-one design makes it easy to switch between functions quickly and efficiently to change between the diaper changer and newborn seat simply push the locking button the changing table is made from fabrics that easily wipe clean the unit is designed to meet children’s needs as they grow from a newborn to a toddler it has a carrying capacity of up to 15 pounds the pack and play player is designed with a sturdy frame a handy toy bar and integrated storage pockets the bassinet can be removed from the unit to create more space and it functions as a play yard as your baby gets bigger and for our final pick.

5. Dream On Me Poppy Traveler Bassinet

The dimensions of the unit are 34 by 19 by 27 inches and it weighs around 13.2 pounds the dream on me poppy bassinet is a lightweight portable unit with a modern design the bassinet has ventilated mesh sides which provide air flow and visibility for your baby it is designed with an aluminum easy fold frame and comes with its own durable travel bag for easy transportation and storage the poppy traveller bassinet comes with a removable mattress pad and a detachable washable zipper cover it comes in three contemporary color styles to suit your decor so that sums up the top bassinets.


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