Best Budget Gaming Mouse Reviews (Updated in 2021)

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Best Budget Gaming Mouse in 2021

Cooler Master CM310

RGB illumination has all of a sudden become a thing for the gamers such settings can provide you with different color codes for different keys to make things easier for your reflexes one of such gaming friendly mice that eases your reflexes is the cm310 by cooler master cooler master has been around for some time now and they understand different requirements and needs of gamers they use their industry knowledge and create products that are extremely convenient for users the cm310 mouse features very ambidextrous grips and also comes with a 10k dpi optical sensor and if you are looking for a mouse that comes with rgb illumination then your search is over with rubberized grips you will be very comfortable to use it with stability and full control it also features rgb illumination with five different preset modes your gaming gear will get plenty of flash with these preset programs the overall weight of the product is very well balanced it is not too light or too heavy and you won’t feel it tilting towards the side it’s all about domination and gaming and with this mouse you can achieve your goals no holds barred earlier we mentioned that this optical mouse comes with an optical sensor of 10k dpi which is highly suitable for gaming even in the most troubling of times the mouse is very easy to grip no matter which hand you use and regardless of the grip type due to its ergonomic shape your hand won’t get tired or fatigued no matter how long you play for the cm310 features a tracking speed of 60 inches per second and is pretty good for large displays it also has a pulling rate of 1000 hertz per 1 millisecond.

Razer Basilisk Essential

Razer has been one of the top industry players when it comes to computer peripherals for gamers it is well known for producing some high quality products that can stand the test of time but it’s not only about the durability that the brand has to offer these products are well built and are extremely user friendly this basilisk essential mouse is best for first person shooter games there is a quick dpi toggle available for the user to switch to when playing an fps other than that there is a side button that users can replace for ranging hand sizes this toggle switch can allow you to quickly convert to low sensitivity settings if you are looking for instant sniping but the fps capability is not the only thing that basilisk is selling here there is a highly precise 6400 dpi sensor that comes with this mouse that provides you with high sensitivity during the use there are dedicated dpi buttons that you can reprogram for a better gaming experience with the razer chroma feature you can customize the display colors and choose one from 16.8 million combinations you can also go with some preset profiles if you want when we talk about the design and construction features this mouse has a very ergonomic yet sleek profile the scrolling wheel is rubberized and there are side grips that can increase your accuracy and control and grips even if you intend to use it for long gaming sessions you will find that using this mouse has no fatigue at all you can use seven different programmable buttons present on this device therefore you can get plenty of reconfiguration options to assign complex functions using your razer synapse the mechanical switches that are present on this mouse are very durable and they are designed to take a toll these switches can endure over 50 million clicks and the mouse comes with a 2 years warranty by razer it is definitely one of the best mice that you can find on the market for your first person shooters.

Logitech G600

Calling all massively multiplayer online gamers out there if you are looking for the best gaming mouse for your mmo games then you need to choose the g600 by logitech there are 20 reprogrammable buttons present on this device and they are all rgb backlit the 20 buttons that we are talking about include 12 buttons on the thumb panel this panel provides you with easy no look navigation with ease and convenience the ptfe material underneath the mouse will make sure that you don’t have to deal with any friction when moving the mouse around you can use this mouse on any surface and only smoother motions will be the result but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on accuracy and precision this mouse is one of the best on the market in this department there’s a g shift button on it that you can use with your ring finger and it can quickly double the actions that you can execute with each of your buttons this mouse is built to keep your palm and fingers in comfort the shape and the tune buttons of this mouse can limit any click fatigue during those marathon sessions the mouse can provide you with full customization features and you can conveniently set it up according to your requirements you can also customize the lighting colors according to your preferences however we are going to warn you that you shouldn’t use a usb hub with this mouse it is a top choice for pc gaming and is compatible with even windows vista the mouse can manage up to 8 200 dpi and you can glide your way to a comfortable gaming experience for as long as you want logitech has built this mouse for durability as well if you are a hardcore gamer then this mouse is the right choice for you those hard clicks are not a thing and your g600 mouse is quite resilient to handle them well it is hands down the best mmo mouse that money can buy.

Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless

If you are the one who doesn’t want to get tangled in wires or you already have a lot to bear then going wireless is the best option for you wireless mice are great in terms of comfort as you are not bound by the length of the cord these wireless mice are exceptional for their portability and facilitation and one of the best options for you to consider here is the harpoon rgb by corsair this mouse is all about long lasting comfort and has a lightweight construction the contoured body of this mouse makes it very ergonomic for long sessions of gameplay and there are rubber side grips that will put you in your driver’s seat to take control of what’s in front of you you will be able to play for longer without any fatigues and will overcome any obstacle that the game has for you if you prefer to play fast games then you will need faster mice for better control most people think that wireless mice or any wireless device for that matter are slower than their wired counterparts it might be true but only up to some extent wired devices are faster because they provide the electronic signals with a medium to travel and that is through the wires this medium can be distorted when we consider wireless devices but the modern day technology has advanced significantly and noise or distortion free wireless connections are possible in the previous years it was very costly as the technology was new but today there are so many tech giants producing these gadgets and due to high competition the products available now are getting cheaper as time passes therefore you can trust the connection and data transfer rates of a wireless device like the harpoon rgb it is not very heavy and your hands won’t feel any pain while using it the device is very simple to set up and you only have to connect the nano usb with your pc to start rolling it it has a very contoured shape and the rubberized grips make its operation very easy and comfortable another trouble that most people have with wireless devices is that they come with a battery and in the world full of gadgets you don’t want another device to have a battery that you must charge but the battery of the harpoon rgb can last up to 60 hours per single charge so you get a great device for your epic gaming session the omron switches that this device has are extremely durable and they can withstand over 50 million clicks the mouse comes equipped with 10k dpi for highly accurate tracking if you are looking for an extremely precise mouse then there is no other better option that you can find.

Steelseries Rival 3

Behold the best overall gaming mouse of 2020 rival 3 has all the features that you need in a good quality gaming mouse in a budget package it comes with a true move core optical sensor that can handle 8500 cpi there are six different programmable keys along with split trigger buttons on this mouse and it also features some eye-catching rgb lighting the durability of this mouse is extraordinary and it is built for long gaming sessions steelseries only uses high-grade polymers to ensure that the mouse can handle regular hours of gaming the mechanical switches that these mouse features are rated for over 60 million clicks and they will feel crisp right from the word go till the end moreover it has an ergonomic design and it will feel nice and comfortable in your hand your hands won’t feel tired or fatigued even after long sessions and the mouse will take on your gaming day like a true workhorse it also features brilliant looking prism lighting and you can select any of the three zones of over 16.8 million colors that look sleek it comes with a speed of over 300 inches per second and the overall weight of this mouse is only 77 grams another excellent feature of this device that we would like to highlight is its onboard memory with this feature you will get to save your polling rate as well as key blinds you can also save up to five different cpis right on your mouse for any type of game you play ranging from first person shooters to online multiplayer the only concerning thing about this mouse is that your ring and pinky finger will be in an awkward position because this mouse is not designed for smaller hands therefore you need to make your decision wisely apart from that this device is our pick for the best overall budget gaming mouse in 2020.


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