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Best Steam Wallpaper Remover in 2020

Wagner Spraytech 915 wallpaper remover

Wagner Spraytech 915 wallpaper remover the Wagner spray tech 915 comes looking like a New Age piece of equipment with an oblong shape and a yellow and dark grey color pattern this powerful wallpaper remover allows you to safely and easily remove wallpaper without the use of dangerous chemicals all you need to do is fill it with distilled water and you’re ready to work the attachment of the Wagner spray tech 915 is meticulously designed to safely and easily remove wallpaper without damaging the existing structure wallpaper removal isn’t all that this versatile machine is capable of you can also use it as a steam cleaner to clean just about any hard surface in your home that it can reach with a 48 ounce water tank you can easily steam clean or remove the wallpaper for up to 45 minutes before needing to refill as it keeps the water at a consistent 212 degrees Fahrenheit you will always have the steam you need to get the job done.

Wagner Spraytech 715 wallpaper remover

The Wagner Spraytech 715 wallpaper remover this little brother to the above listing is designed to be lightweight and portable and comes in a light grey color with black hose for efficient removal of your wallpaper without the need for harsh chemicals the Wagner spray tech 715 is going to be the right tool for the job with just a tank full of distilled water this machine can get the wallpaper off quickly and painlessly for versatility the Wagner spray tech 715 also comes with two different size steam plates you get one in 8 by 11 inches and another in 3 by 6 inches so you always have the right size tool for the job with a large holding tank for the distilled water you can easily work for over an hour without needing to refill the Machine use this machine to clean your floor’s and counters as well as remove wallpaper as it can do everything you need from a steam cleaner.

Bates 5 in 1 wallpaper remover

Bates 5 in 1 wallpaper remover this handheld wallpaper remover from baits comes looking very professional with the light wooden handle and metal tool blade the Bates five and one wallpaper remover is more than just a tool for getting rid of your old wallpaper it can also be used to open boxes remove molding open paint cans scrape paint and many other applications this is a truly versatile tool that every homeowner should have at the ready the blade is made from solid stainless steel which is going to stay sharp and also resists rust over time they’ve made sure the design is ergonomic and comfortable with the soft grip that will help keep your hands stress-free while working with a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee this wallpaper remover is a must-have for any do-it-yourself type of homeowner.

HomeRight C800880 wallpaper remover

HomeRight C800880 wallpaper remover this handy steam cleaner and wallpaper remover from home right looks very nice with a bright blue shell and dark gray accessories the home right see eight hundred eight hundred eighty wallpaper remover uses distilled water to safely and easily remove wallpaper adhesive so you can easily peel it back and get rid of it yet it is not just the wallpaper remover this offering from home right is a true one-stop shop for all your steam cleaning needs you have six different attachments to go along with the eight foot hose that can be used for various projects around the home you’re going to get the wallpaper removal plate brass brush steam mop nylon brush squeegee and jet nozzle included with your purchase there couldn’t be a more versatile piece of equipment to add to your home cleaning arsenal.

Wagner Spraytech 705 wallpaper remover

The Wagner Spraytech 705 wallpaper remover Wagner has made this list a number of times and the spray tech 7:05 looks functional in dark gray with a black hose and white steam plates you can easily remove all of your wallpaper without needing anything but water directly from your tap fill the 1 gallon tank and you will be able to work for over an hour before refilling the Wagner spray tech 7:05 uses 1500 watts of power to quickly build up steam that can be used to evaporate the adhesive on the back of your wallpaper the included 8 by 11 inch steam plate is going to ensure you are able to do larger areas with no sweat coming in weighing only 5.63 pounds the Wagner spray tech 7:05 can be used by just about anyone to strip the wallpaper off and make any room look new again so that sums up the top best steam wallpaper remover.

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